From Alas Silk Founder and Brand Creator

...Let your light shine...

The phrase that reflects our company concept. There is so much you can fit in those words... Let your light shine...

This is what we wish you the most, dear ladies – to find the inner peace and glow with your femininity. You are so fragile but strong at the same time, you are creators, you have no limitations. You can grow wings.

Everything I write mirrors my own experience. This is how the “Alas Silk” brand name was born, and it means a lot to me – the silk wings. I always dreamed of creating beauty, because the most beautiful things are born from love. I wish that our products would bring added value to your world. These are not just the simple shirts and pajamas, they were born from Love – love for work, love for woman, love for life with a careful touch to every seam.

Our products are made out of the highest quality Mulberry 6A grade silk which is well known for its antibacterial qualities. It is very pleasant to wear and will cool you during the hot days as well as warm you up during the chilly ones. There was a lot of thought put into creating these models. I did not want them to land in your bedroom closet and have a single purpose of sleepwear. You can definitely shine outdoors if you match the accessories and the right footwear. Be brave!

Wearing those outfits, you will definitely be stylish, unique, and magical – just like a goddess. That is why each model has a goddess name because each of you has one inside yourself.

Be yourself, express your femininity and let the silk enchant you. Wake the creator in yourself and spread your wings.

With Love,

Alas Silk founder and brand creator
Renata Ambrazieje

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