alas silk

Why Pure Mulberry Silk?

Silk has always been a symbol of luxury and elegance. The magic of this fabric awakens femininity, elegance and gives you confidence. These core values resonates with the founder of Alas Silk.

alas silk

Benefits of Natural Mulberry Silk

softness and pleasant touch make it feel like heaven as natural fabric silk can
be suitable for sensitive skin. 

Silk is a breathable fabric witch is a natural thermal regulator. These qualities makes silk the best material to put as a base layer or nightwear.

Hypoallergenic quality of natural silk fabric is most important for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to environment.

Natural silk is also well known for it's protective properties as this fabric is commonly used for hair protection.

Luxury without Markup

We believe that quality and luxurious feeling don't have to be high-priced as all of us deserve to feel special.

Alas Silk is a German fashion house that offers best quality apparel which is handmade from 6A 19-22 mm mulberry silk. Attention to every seam and stylish details are our specialty.

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Feel empowed when interacting

Being a woman means being able to be powerful, assertive, yet kind at the same time.

It means being compassionate and vulnerable towards those we love in our lives without feeling weak for doing so.

It means striving for our goals even in the face of the adversity we may encounter along the way.

Styling Tips

Dress up or down.

Shine in the party or relax at home.

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Because Alas Silk is not just a silk sleepwear. Be brave and accesorise - You will be the star of a party wearing this gorgeous outfit!

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Discover the marvelous world of silk

Silk fabrics are perfect for both evening dresses and casual day-to-day wear, as well as nightwear.

What could be more wonderful than a fabric that clings to you like a second skin, but at the same time does not allow you to freeze or feel too warm - such are the properties of natural silk.

Soft, thin and smooth fabric will make you feel comfortable, elegant and refined. Natural fabric in rich or pastel colors, gorgeously laying on the body will undoubtedly decorate every woman and make her feel like a real goddess.

Wear silk clothes boldly and feel desirable and exceptional.