Silk is a beauty weapon. Protect your hair, skin and eyes with hypoallergenic natural mulberry silk. Forget skin sensitivity and hair breakage with silk headbands, scrunchies and sleep masks. Look especially gorgeous with these accessories.
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Silk Accessories | Nurturing and Luxurious Silk Headbands, Scrunches and Sleep Masks

Excited about our beautiful mulberry silk products, but still looking for the right accessories to go with your silk garments? We had the same thought and are already one step ahead of you! Our silk accessories will complement any look, but that's not all!


Have you ever thought why silk has a soothing effect on your hair as well as your skin? Well, most women are unaware of the harm done to their hair and face by the daily use of conventional bands, towels and bed linen made from various materials. The sun's UV rays also negatively affect your skin and hair, which is why it is essential to protect and care for their health in the most efficient way possible. Trust us your hair and skin will be thanking you for small silk additions to your routine!



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