We are a German fashion house that sells feminine washable mulberry silk clothing suitable for day and night. We are all about inspiring and empowering women that is why all our products are named by the ancient Greek goddess as they are our muses. 

Benefits of Natural Mulberry Silk

 Incredible softness and pleasant touch make it feel like heaven as natural fabric silk can be suitable for sensitive skin. Silk is a breathable fabric witch is a natural thermal regulator. These qualities makes silk the best material to put as a base layer or nightwear.

Hypoallergenic quality of natural silk fabric is most important for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to environment. Natural silk is also well known for it's protective properties as this fabric is commonly used for hair protection. 

Why You Should Join Alas Silk Affiliate Program?

Alas Silk is here to establish a long-term win-win business partnership with you. Therefore we are offering you higher commission than other fashion brands as well as other bennefits. You will recieve a commision from every sale you have contributed on. Which can be on all of the products which are the high-quality and luxurious silk garments and accessories. 

How can we become partners?


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Earn commissions from generated sales

What are the advantages of working with us?

-10.00 % commissions per sale
-30 days cookie window
-Exclusive promotions for affiliate partners
-Dedicated support 5 days a week
-Weekly payments
-Great amount of creatives
-Promote conscious fashion, quality products and a brand with values 

Happy to start working with you!
-Alas Silk Team

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