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Rich Green Silk Collection l Discover beautiful silk nightwear for women from the Rich Green Collection

Elegance, Grace and Charm. These are the qualities that best describe the stylish nightwear from the Rich Green Collection. The washable mulberry silk attire captivates with its dark rich green tone. Colour was thoughtfully selected to not only flatter every skin colour, but also give its wearer a mysterious appearance. So discover the beautiful ladies nightwear from the Rich Green Collection. Whether you choose a dress, a kimono or pyjamas. With our high-quality ladies' lingerie made of green silk, you will be stylishly dressed for the night.

The colour green in its dark nuances is reminiscent of the depths of a forest, which despite its naturalness still seem mysterious and secretive. At the same time, it conveys the qualities of balance and tranquility that go hand in hand with grace and elegance.

With our Rich Green Collection, we had the vision to create a women's nightwear collection that reflects the profundity of nature and life in a stylish design. We wanted to bring together the characteristics of rich and lush green with the high quality of our washable mulberry silk. The result of this fusion is highly crafted dresses, blouses, gowns and pyjama sets in rich green silk. This collection is both luxurious and elegant, making it the perfect choice for women looking for something special with a seductive twist.

While the silk dresses gently drape over a woman's curves like a second skin to flawlessly accentuating and showing them off. Pure silk garments can be worn both day and night, the silk shirts impress with their perfectly tailored cut and thus lie perfectly on the body. The popular pyjama model "Persephone", consisting of a shorts and a top that can be tied at the waist, as well as the "Leto" set, consisting of long trousers with a wide leg and a short shirt as a top, are also available in the moss green silk.

Our stunning robes are characterized by its comfortable and movement-free silhouettes, are of course also part of the Rich Green Collection and can be combined at will with other models in the collection.

To take your sleeping experience to the next level, our sleep mask is also available in the luxurious shade of green. Not only does it guarantee complete darkness while you sleep, but it also complements the rest of your sleep outfit.

In contrast, our silk hair scrunchies are available in different colours and can not only be varied at will, but also protect your hair when worn and prevent the ends of your hair from breaking unintentionally.

Why mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk - also known as "silk of the empress" - is a high-quality silk fibre obtained from the cocoon filaments of the mulberry, which is why the extraction of the material is also environmentally friendly. The silk is particularly soft and has a natural smoothness, which makes it ideal for making nightwear. The fiber is also breathable and regulates body temperature, making it particularly suitable for women with sensitive skin. The material is also extremely durable and tear-resistant, which is why our green silk products will last you a long time.