Woman. One of the most mysterious and significant phenomena on earth.
Over the last hundred years, the importance of a woman has grown, she is not just someone’s daughter or wife. She is independent, intelligent, self-sufficient, amazing, and not like everyone else. And each of us knows that nothing is so helpful in showing ourselves as what we wear. Alas Silk is created to help every woman reflect her interests and personality.
As a young company, it was especially important for us to get support from such big media rocks as NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today. It only further motivates us to pursue our mission to make every woman wearing Alas Silk feel special, also to create clothes that are like a second skin. Women that choose to wear silk make a bold statement and help stand out from the crowd. These kinds of clothes are not meant to overshadow but help accentuate the best features and bring light to personality. Even though fashion house Alas Silk started recently, we want to create only the best for our costumers so we use the highest quality Mulberry silk. It is known for softness, anti-allergenic, comfortable to wear, helps regulate the body’s temperature, and helps the environment while looking and feeling effortlessly glamorous.

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